Our NFTs are your ticket to being a music mogul.

Music royalties generated $4 Billion worldwide.

BAND NFTs give you direct access
to that world and more!!!

What is an NFT? (Non Fungible Token)


Get On The Inside of Music 

BAND: It’s time to think differently about music

BAND: The NFT that connects you to the real world of music.

BAND: How would you like to earn every time your favorite songs are played?

BAND: One Ethereum gets you full access to the BAND Royalty music NFT ecosystem.

BAND Royalty currently owns a music catalog of 50+ songs performed by platinum artists and growing. That's just the beginning though. BAND Royalty is also developing a dedicated Music Industry NFT Exchange where songwriters, producers, managers, performers, indie labels etc. can all create NFTs to share their royalties, albums and beats directly with fans and each other using the power of blockchain. 

BAND Royalty’s new ecosystem is an independent DeFi (decentralized finance) platform, governed by the artists and their communities of fans that re-imagines the income streams of royalties earned from music, bringing everyone closer together around the music they love.

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